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MSU’s Recruiting Trends is the largest annual survey of employers in the nation!

Phil Gardner, survey author and director of MSU’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute, reported in the 49th annual report that the job market was strong for college graduates for the 10th consecutive year. The 50th annual Recruiting Trends report is scheduled for fall 2020, and may have a very different story to tell. [Listen to a fall 2019 podcast with Phil Gardner.] 


  • 1970: First Recruiting Trends Report – one page long
  • 1989: Responsibility for Trends report moved from MSU Career Services to CERI
  • Patrick Scheetz directed this annual report from 1970 – 1997
  • Phil Gardner directed Recruiting Trends since 1998

Recent Recruiting Trends Reports

  • Coalition of 100+ schools across country partner with CERI to ensure wide scope of recruiting environment
  • 2,800+ employer representatives participated in the 49th annual Trends survey
  • Up to 10 institutions host regional Trends presentation events annually
  • 20,000+ views of Phil Gardner’s 2016 Trends Presentation via MSU Alumni Association’s online LiveStream video
  • Trends labor market projections are cited in major news outlets: Chronicle of Higher Education; Wall Street Journal; New York Times; NPR news programs
  • Phil Gardner makes himself available to reporters, employers, career services offices and others seeking insight on the college labor market and recruiting trends

WKAR Public Media podcast with Phil Gardner

Recruiting Trends 2019 presentation by Phil Gardner via Livestream online

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