Archival List of Documents (sorted by date)

In addition to segmenting CERI documents into topic areas, here's a long list of linked archival documents to help you find or discover many more topics of interest.

Employer Perceptions of Important Job-Related Characteristics (1987)

College Grades and Occupational Performance: Employer Perceptions (1987)

Term of Graduation and Starting Salary: Is There a Best Time to Graduate? (1988)

The Ideal Job Candidate: What Recruiters Would Like to See (1988)

Career Outcomes: A Study of Liberal Arts Graduates (1988)

From College to Career: Highlights of the Career Development Survey of Baccalaureate Degree Recipients (1988)

Are You Serious? Women In Engineering (1989)

From the Heart: A Career In Nursing (1989)

Career Plateaus Among Managers (1989)

Examination of the Conceptualization and Measurement of Career Plateau: A Comparative Analysis (1989)

Handbook on Research Procedures MCPA and CERI (1990)

Career Plateaus and Career Pinnacles (1990)

Work as Part of a Student's Typical Day (1990)

Estimated Demand for Michigan's College and University Graduates of 1990 (1990)

Explaining the Gender Wage Gap: Pay Expectations for Self, Others, and Perceptions of "Fair Pay" (1990)

Plans for the Transition From College to Work by Hospitality Majors (1990)

Explaining Gender Differences in Self-Pay Expectations: Perceptions of Fair Play (1990)

Dual-Career Couples in the Job Search Process: A Longitudinal Study (1990s)

Longitudinal Assessment of the Job Search Process for Dual Career Couples (1990s)

College Graduates - Labor Markets: Dancing on the Edge of Chaos (1990s)

Five Year Summary: Reference Guide for Trends in Early Destinations (1990s)

The Job and Career Expectations of Graduating College Students (1990s)

Modeling Early Career Salary Patterns: The Influence of the Co-op Experience (1990s)

College Freshmen Perceptions of Hospitality Careers: Gender and Ethnic Interest (1990s)

Career Decision-Making and Intention: Hospitality Undergraduate Students (1990s)

Ahead at the Start: Starting Salary Outcomes of Cooperative Education Graduates (1990s)

Learning The Ropes! Co-ops Do It Faster (1990s)

Corporate Recruiters: How Job Responsibility and Gender Influence Employment Selection of New College Graduates (1991)

Assessing Today's College Career Centers: Visions for the Future (1991)

A Comparison of Informal Mentoring Relationships and Formal Mentorship Programs (1991)

Starting Salary Outcomes of Cooperative Education Graduates (1992)

Faculty in a Time of Change: Executive Summary (1992)

Faculty in a Time of Change: Job Satisfaction and Career Mobility (1992)

It's a Hard-Hard-Hard World (1992)

MCPA Overview of Results: Marketing Task Force Survey (1993)

Early Career Patterns of Engineers: The Influence of the Co-op Experience (1993)

More Alike Than Different: Early Work Experiences of Co-op and Non Co-op Engineers (1993)

Put a Vision in Your Sails: Organizing Around Shared Vision (1993)

Ready! Set! Go! Organizing Around a Shared Vision in a Changing World (1994)

Work and Student Life: An Examination of Student Employment (1994)

Diversity, Work, and Education: A Case for Experiential Learning During Times of Change (1994)

Meeting Reality: Managing the Transition from College to Work (1994)

Paradigm Shift: Transitions in Career Services (1994)

The World of Work: Career Development of MSU College of Human Ecology Alumni (1995)

Are College Students Prepared to Work? They May Not Be as Ready as We Think! (1995)

Do I Really Need A College Degree For This Job? (1995)

Managing the Transition Experience: A Bridge Between the First and Senior Years (1995)

Transitions of Liberal Arts Graduates (1995)

Success of On-Campus Recruiting: Establishing an Accountability Measure for a Career Service Activity (1995)

The Second Interview Process: Views From Employers, Career Advisors, and Students (1995)

Early Work Outcomes of Co-op and Non-Co-op Engineers (1996)

Building Bridges to Labor Markets: Student Driven Database (1996)

Collegiate Employment Institute Newsletter - Summer 1996

Collegiate Employment Institute Newsletter - Fall 1996

The Increasing Diversity of Today's and Tomorrow's Learner: Demographic and Attitudinal Trends (1996)

Transitions to the Workplace: Expectations and Realities for Liberal Arts Graduates (1996)

Coming to Terms With Generation X (1996)

Nurturing "Valued Workers": Training, Appreciating and Retaining Student Employees (1996) 

Coming to Terms With Generation X: A Call for Relevancy, Reflection, and Resiliency (1997)

Prepared to Perform? Employers Rate Work Force Readiness of New Grads (1997)

Preparing for Performance: Enhancing Classroom / Workplace Readiness Among Undergraduate Populations (1997)

International Study Abroad: Employers' View of Its Merits and Importance in Recruiting (1997) 

Career Assessments and Needs of Spartan Student Athletes (1998)

Transitions: Understanding Economic and Workplace Changes at the End of the Century (1999)

Follow-up Study of CANR Undergraduate Students: Fisheries and Wildlife Majors (1999) 

Corporate Recruiters on College Campuses: Background, Positions, Itineraries, and Training (2001)

Research Design and Publishing: A Guide for Cooperative Education Practitioners (2001)

Assessing First-Year Experience Programs: Interjecting Learning Motivation and Strategies (2002)

The Challenge of Developing Intellectual Capital Using Co-op Education (2004)

Handbook of Research Procedures WACEAPC (2008)

Collegiate Employment Research Institute: Annual Review 2008 (2008)

Unpacking Your Student Abroad Experience: Critical Reflection for Workplace Competencies (2008)

Under the Economic Turmoil a Skills Gap Simmers research brief (2010)

10 Skills and Competencies for Science Majors (2011)

Campus Partnerships: From Affiliates to Deep Investors whitepaper (2012)

Career Fairs: We love them! We hate them! Can we live without them? research brief (2012)

Liberally Educated versus In-depth Training: Employers Perceptions research brief (2012)

An Arts and Science Degree: Defining Its Value in the Workplace (2013)

Diversity Recruiting: Overview of Practices and Benchmarks research brief (2013)

Are College Seniors Prepared to Work? (no date)

Entry-Level Job Competencies for American Society for Medical Technology (no date)

College Student Characteristics as Related to Job Success: Employer Perspective (no date)

The Racial Digital Divide: Motivational, Affective, and Cognitive Correlates of Internet Use (no date)

The New Economy and Labor Market Requirements (no date)