Recruiting Trends 2020-2021 Regional Reports

Unlike previous years and even the previous decade, this year’s Recruiting Trends is of special significance for both employers and career centers. The scope of insight provided regarding global and regional employment across industries during this novel pandemic will help us understand its impact on career outcomes by major and degree level. 

To provide additional insights, supplemental reports have been created to help support regional employers and career centers. Regional reports were designed to compliment regional virtual presentations of the full Recruiting Trends 2020-2021 report, so do not include full report details or research methodology information. For your convenience, a link to the full report is included at the end of the regional report list below.

Great Lakes Central Regional Report 2020
Great Lakes Central Regional Presentation 2020

Michigan Regional Report 2020
Michigan Regional Presentation 2020

Rocky Mountains North Central Regional Report 2020
Rocky Mountains North Central Regional Presentation 2020

South Central Plains Regional Report 2020

Southeast Regional Report 2020

Upper Plains Western Great Lakes Regional Report 2020

West Coast Regional Report 2020

Recruiting Trends 2020-2021 Report (full 48-page PDF)

cover image for recruiting trends 2020 regional reports