Recruiting Trends Webinar Partnerships

50th Anniversary, Annual Recruiting Trends Survey & Report


The 50th annual survey of campus recruiting trends will likely prove to be one of the most relevant research reports produced in the Institute’s history. Due to the pandemic, all presentations will be offered via webinar format.

Two presentation options are available depending on the interests and needs of the target audience. Both options offer a 50-minute presentation that includes an overview of national situation, state or regional situation, the ‘Near Future,’ and highlights from 50 Years of Trends. He will also leave time for facilitated Q&A.

Customization is available for local, state, regional or industry-specific presentations.

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Format and Costs

Technology Platform: ZOOM Webinar

60-Minute Presentation Format:

     Live, 50 Minutes + 10 Min Q&A
     No Employer Panel

90-Minute Presentation Format:

     Live, 50 Minutes + 10 Min Q&A
     30-Min Employer Panel + Q&A

Event Marketing & Registration: Managed by Event Host

Materials Provided to Participants:

     3-day access to recorded presentation
     Electronic File of National and Regional Summary and any custom content

Costs: $1,000 - $1500 Honorarium (Price dependent on level of customization)
Note: Event host keeps any registration fees

Webinar Requests 

Request Deadline: October 1, 2020

To schedule a webinar and to discuss options for presentation customization,

     Dr. Phil Gardner, Executive Director
     Collegiate Employment Research Institute
     Michigan State University 
     (517) 214-4138

Webinar Presentation Overview

Title: Outlook for 2021 Campus Hiring

Research: Survey findings from ~3,000 employers
This year’s presentations will combine quantitative data collected in August and September with qualitative data provided by employer partners to provide participants with meaningful insight into the impact of the pandemic on the college labor market, including internships/co-ops. It will also include an historical trends analysis and summary of some of the other major events in the U.S. and globally that both impacted and shaped college hiring and career services. From the data and trends, we can begin to understand the extent to which the college labor market will experience challenges, and the industries, degrees, and majors that will be especially impacted in 2021 and beyond.

Key Messages:
     Global overview of economy and college hiring trends
     National and regional summaries by sector
     Expected changes to starting salaries for entry-level hires
     A look back at historical events which impacted college hiring

Length of Presentation: 60 or 90 Minutes (90-minute presentation includes employer panel)