Archival List of Documents (sorted by date)

In addition to segmenting CERI documents into topic areas, here's a long list of linked archival documents to help you find or discover many more topics of interest.

Term of Graduation and Starting Salary: Is There a Best Time to Graduate? (1988)

Career Outcomes: A Study of Liberal Arts Graduates (1988)

Are You Serious? Women In Engineering (1989)

Work as Part of a Student's Typical Day (1990)

Corporate Recruiters: How Job Responsibility and Gender Influence Employment Selection of New College Graduates (1991)

Assessing Today's College Career Centers: Visions for the Future (1991)

Starting Salary Outcomes of Cooperative Education Graduates (1992)

Work and Student Life: An Examination of Student Employment (1994)

The World of Work: Career Development of MSU College of Human Ecology Alumni (1995)

Are College Students Prepared to Work? They May Not Be as Ready as We Think! (1995)

Transitions of Liberal Arts Graduates (1995)

Success of On-Campus Recruiting: Establishing an Accountability Measure for a Career Service Activity (1995)

Building Bridges to Labor Markets: Student Driven Database (1996)

Collegiate Employment Institute Newsletter - Summer 1996

Collegiate Employment Institute Newsletter - Fall 1996

Transitions to the Workplace: Expectations and Realities for Liberal Arts Graduates (1996)

Transitions: Understanding Economic and Workplace Changes at the End of the Century (1999) 

Assessing First-Year Experience Programs: Interjecting Learning Motivation and Strategies (2002)

Are College Seniors Prepared to Work? (no date)

Entry-Level Job Competencies for American Society for Medical Technology (no date)

College Student Characteristics as Related to Job Success: Employer Perspective (no date)